WTC MUD1 Parks and Amenities

Park hours will be established by the MUD1 Directors from time to time, and will be posted in the Park. Park curfew is from 10:00 pm to dawn.

Please visit the MUD1 facility rental page (click here) for more details or visit the new Tennis Court Scheduler (click here) to reserve time on the courts. Meeting rooms and pavilions can be reserved by calling 246-0498, ext. 221 or by email:

please no: destructive activities -- discharge of a firearm, pellet gun, bow & arrow, sling shot or other hazardous item -- glass containers -- unleashed pets -- fireworks -- disorderly conduct -- motor driven vehicles or equipment -- camping -- use of controlled substances or public consumption of alcoholic beverages; however, alcohol is permitted in the park pavilion when it is reserved for private functions. Any person violating these rules may be subject to penalties up to $200 per occurence.
Thank you for your cooperation